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Willow Supplies 

for Environmental

Projects, Erosion Control, Hurdles

and Living Willow


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We supply willow for River and Lake bank erosion control, live posts and weavers for Willow Spiling, bundles or faggots for Fascines and Dams. Our supplies of willow are usually Salix viminalis but we source fragilis and alba for posts. Our willow is being used for dams to slow the flow of water coming off the Moors in the Peak District. For further information about erosion control click here. 

For more information about Slowing the Flow and Natural Flood Management click here.


Willow is a proven hyper-accumulator of some heavy metals and metabolises hydrocarbons, see link. We are currently involved in projects using Willow to treat leachate from landfills and clearing up waste oil disposal sites with The Clean Rivers Trust. Willow is also useful for the removal of nitrates and phosphates from agricultural waste streams. We can supply willow cuttings or rods for planting. For the uses of willow in agriculture see link, and for more about phytoremediation here.


Living Willow fencing, absorbs both sound, see link, and particulates from the surrounding environment, see link, our Living willow panels are simply erected using  standard fence posts with a 300mm deep trench for the willow to be "planted" into. For sound reduction, slabs of sound absorbing rockwool, info here, are sandwiched between two living willow panels. We can supply or install willow for continuous weave hurdles as well. For more information about Hurdles click here


We supply bulk quantities of Living Willow rods to our partner company

The Willow Bank that specialises in living willow structures and also supplies cuttings to grow your own basketry willow, hedges and firewood.

If you are looking for willow baskets etc, then Tump Willows can supply to order.

Living Willow Supplies



We are a company specialising in the supply of willow for Environmental projects, having been involved in the willow industry for over 10 years we can source and supply any quantity of willow and advise on its use and abilities.

We can supply the species most suited to your requirements and also supply living willow posts of your dimensions from Salix fragilis/alba growing in the Thames, Severn and Wye catchments.

We provide an installation/planting service, using willow for river/lake bank erosion control, Spiling, Faggots or Fascines, and also plant willow for phytoremediation of soil or leachate.

Willow has been shown to increase the permeability of soils, see link, and therefore may be of use to Natural flood defence schemes and also for sustainable drainage, SuDS.

With the new regulations for Ammonia emissions coming into effect, willow plantations may help in removing Ammonia from around livestock sheds and slurry pits, see link, as well as providing useful biomass for heat and power.



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